Our Therapy

Safe, non-invasive and effective treatment to get you back to optimal brain performance and enjoying life.

6500 Patients

10 Years

Over 60% Efficacy

Our patented and unique approach to neuromodulation provides patients with extraordinary results. If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Mental Drain, and other neurological issues, our therapy can be extremely effective and helpful. The best part is we deliver a non-invasive, non-pharma neuromodulation treatment that fits within your schedule.

  • Patient Specific
  • Non-Invasive
  • Non-Pharma

MIND ALGN offers only the specified neurotherapy services/products. Our team includes physicians and other healthcare practitioners licensed in the state where services/products are provided; along with other staff who do not require any type of licensing. Our services/products are not provided in connection with the treatment of any particular medical condition. MIND ALGN SERVICES/PRODUCTS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CARE PROVIDED BY YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN AND YOU SHOULD DISCUSS ANY HEALTH CONCERNS WITH YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN.