Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy is patented technology to that uses an EEG mapping of
an individual’s brain state to create a customized treatment plan for each individual.

An Individualized Approach to Brain Stimulation

Our MeRT process uses brainwave analysis (qEEG) to construct a picture of how different areas of the brain are functioning and reveal areas that aren’t communicating the way they should.


Through non-invasive, non-pharma neuromodulation, we target specific treatment with individualized protocols based on that analysis and develop a personalized and targeted approach aimed at bringing about healthy brain communication.

Finally, the Customized Approach People Need

No two people are the same even if they’re experiencing similar symptoms, which is why our approach is revolutionary.


Our evidence-based methodology is unique because we focus on the physiology of the brain. We are able to map and reveal communications in the brain’s neuronal networks. As a result, we’re able to take a personalized and targeted approach based on your brain rhythm, encouraging healthy brain communication activity. Our goal is to empower minds.