Dr. Alec Anders

Dr. Alec Anders


Alec Anders, MD, is a graduate of University of Minnesota School of Medicine. He trained in family medicine at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.


Dr. Anders has been practicing since 1997 and has been selected as Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Doctors every year since 2005. He prides himself on his ability to connect with patients on any level and speak in a clear, straightforward yet empathetic manner. He believes as a physician communication is paramount. Being entirely fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Anders has broadened his ability to connect with more patients.


With over 20 year of experience, Dr. Anders will bring Mind Algn’s cutting edge, patented technology to the Mid-Atlantic. He will provide precise and accurate, non-invasive therapy, aligning the brain to perform at its optimal levels.


Dr. Anders is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University and member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.