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"I'm a veteran with a history of PTSD, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. I'm committed to therapy and take my SSRI as directed, but I was spiraling into a dark place and didn't know how to go on. I found MIND ALGN through a veteran friend, a former MA patient and believer. I was skeptical about anyone interacting with my brain and needed reassurance this wasn't a fly by night practice, so I attended their opening ceremony. There I was greeted by a friendly staff; they made me feel welcome among the many interested guests. The testimonials from fellow veterans in attendance, people who understand some of my symptoms and the challenges that go along with managing them each day, truly sealed my decision to move forward with this treatment. In just a couple of weeks, my sleep improved. I understood the importance of attending regular sessions, but truly felt a difference when I followed MA's advice about sleep and the circadian rhythm. Today I'm more alert, interacting positively with those around me and I feel confident I'm on the right course for a healthier life. My friends and family noticed the positive shift in my outlook and they appreciate what MA has done for us. The staff is genuinely helpful and compassionate. The physical setting is professional, clean and comfortable; I actually looked forward to my regular visits. I can't say that about any medical treatment I received before MeRT. I am completely satisfied with my MIND ALGN experience and am thankful for this non-invasive treatment option." - MIND ALGN Patient