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"Our son, Edward, 17, is non-verbal autistic since he was diagnosed at the age of two. Since having received his first series of MeRT treatments administered through MIND ALGN, we have seen subtle improvements in sentence structure and cognitive development. We are extremely happy to have finally found a treatment for him which has created noticeable changes in his language and comprehension abilities." - Parent of MIND ALGN Patient

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Testimonial 3

"After a reaction to a vaccine at 2 years old my son lost all of his speech and had significant decreases in motor function. He had a regressive reaction which resulted in autism. We immediately started PT, OT and speech therapy. We saw some minimal progress. When he was 3, we discovered MeRT. Within three weeks of treatment he began to speak again, we were blown away. We ended up staying for almost 6 months because he continued to respond and show progress. At the end of that initial 6 month round he was speaking clear thoughtful sentences and had huge leaps in motor skills. He was social again, made eye contact and was engaged in his life. We subsequently have done additional MeRT in increments varying between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. He is now 8 years old and is very neurotypical. We use several holistic modalities that are very complimentary to MeRT, but MeRT was truly the catalyst for my son’s recovery. The staff at MIND ALGN is phenomenal. They are caring, involved and knowledgeable. We are beyond grateful that we’ve found this treatment and that it’s now available on the east coast." – Parent of MIND ALGN Patient