How MIND ALGN TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Magnetic eResonance Therapy (MeRT) Changed My Life Post Recurrent Pregnancy Losses

National Infertility Awareness Week® is April 19-25, 2020. Founded in 1989 by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, it is the largest public health awareness campaign addressing the issue of infertility. MIND ALGN is helping to raise awareness and increase public understanding about infertility – and shed light on effective alternative therapy for neurological issues such as PTSD, Depression, Autism, ADHD and Drug Addiction.

**DISCLAIMER: The following account is from a MIND ALGN employee who was not compensated but did receive discounted MeRT treatment.

I walked into my parents’ house, ran up the stairs and headed towards their bedroom. My mom felt my presence before I entered the room and asked how my ultrasound went. Suddenly, I was frozen in a blank stare. It was hard for me to breath, my vision became blurry and I fell to my knees. Through sobs, I told her the shattering news: The doctors couldn’t find a heartbeat. My baby was dead. My mom cried in despair, “how could this be?!” Everything was going well and just a week ago, the baby was healthy and very active. My mother’s pain was palpable as we cried together on the bedroom floor, hands on my belly, my deceased daughter.

The story I shared above has led to my almost daily struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Over the past 6 years, I suffered through 8 consecutive pregnancy losses and 5 D&C surgeries. Each pregnancy came with its own story and trauma. The PTSD took over my life and I couldn’t control the dark thoughts in my head. I avoided all baby-related events from baby showers to gender reveals, and hid behind fake congratulatory smiles for friends or family who were expecting a child. Envy, grief, depression, self-pity and other dark feelings crept in, especially at night, depriving me of much needed restorative sleep.

The more I had these haunting memories, the more I became severely depressed and suicidal. I needed help and scheduled countless sessions with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. But it was the same everywhere I tried. No one could really understand what I was going through. I was put on medications that were supposed to help me feel better emotionally, but the side effects were too much to handle for myself and my family. My body was failing me and I was beginning to feel ungrateful for even the good things in my life.

I wanted to give up. I resorted to what felt like my last chance. A final opportunity to save my sanity and get my life back. The end all, be all – or at least I desperately hoped. I had learned about a ground-breaking, effective alternative therapy for neurological issues leveraging personalized TMS therapy to optimize neurological performance. It’s called Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) and it’s a protocol therapy custom created for each individual following a 6-Step Custom Tailored Process. I read all the incredible success stories and knew I had to give it a try. It made perfect sense to me that my trauma has caused a psychical imbalance in my brain.

Prior to starting MeRT, an EEG of my brain activity was recorded to generate my personal protocol for therapy. The doctor also asked me a lot of questions about my physical and mental health to determine if I was a candidate. The Doctor then told me that I was, in fact, a candidate however, patients with PTSD usually experience an emotional imbalance after about a week. I was prescribed 1 month of MeRT therapy and advised to keep appointments as consecutive as possible for optimal results.

The MIND ALGN TMS Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) Journey:

The stimulation felt like a light tapping sensation, I was completely comfortable and the session lasted for about 35 minutes. One of the first changes I noticed was that I was getting better sleep, which is actually something I wasn’t even looking to improve. I also felt a better sense of calm after the sessions.

After about a week of MeRT therapy I did experience that “emotional imbalance”. It was a one-day event where I felt like I was releasing all the darkness that was bottled up inside me. However, after a few days post my meltdown, I felt like a new me! The burden of my trauma was lifted off my shoulders (and brain). Life seemed brighter, vibrant and my depression was almost diminished. I no longer felt fatigued during the day and had the energy to live more productively.

In total, I completed 20 sessions of consecutive MeRT therapy. My husband expressed that he saw a light coming back into my life, he stated: “I feel like I have my wife back”. To be clear, my PTSD not only affected my life, but it also affected him significantly. My husband has witnessed my trauma first hand and has told me many times that he feels helpless. The change in my mental health/ clarity saved me and my marriage in so many ways I cannot express with words.

Post MeRT therapy I continued with talk therapy as maintenance for my emotions. I still feel happy when I wake up in the mornings and continue to feel that positivity despite battling everyday challenges. I even felt confident enough to host a baby shower for a very close friend of mine. Mind you, I haven’t attended a baby shower in years because it was a huge trigger. However, I no longer feel envy towards pregnant friends/ family members. I no longer feel like I need to hide behind a mask.

I highly recommend MIND ALGN TMS Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) to anyone or who knows someone struggling with PTSD, Depression, ADHD, Drug Addiction, Autism, Anxiety or other neurological issues. I still don’t have my happy ending yet, but I will continue to optimize my mental state in preparation for the day that my dreams come true and I start my family.

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